Leader Labs is a division of Unboundary dedicated to equipping individuals and teams, helping them become the deliberately effective leaders their organizations and the world need today.

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Leader Labs

Leader labs take four forms:
Unboundary Leader Labs New Normal Leader transformational leadership intensive

Focused, full-day sessions that give you or your team quick but deep immersion into core aspects of transformational leadership.    

Brain Spas

These are deep, customized, Unboundary-guided explorations that expand and deepen a team's perspective on a particular issue.

Boot Camps

Cadenced work sessions  designed to help a team explore, prototype, test, and adopt new ways of working.  

Keynote Speeches

Introduction to the new habits of becoming an adaptive and deliberately effective leader. These can include self-assessment and habit-building exercises.

Unboundary Leader Labs Brain Spa
Unbondary Leader Labs Boot Camp working session
Tod Martin on stage as a TED Talks speaker
CUrrent Leader Labs Project:
New Normal Leader Intensive workshop logo

“This challenged our status quo in a big way, which is what we needed.”

New Normal Leader is for those who are energized by the possibilities of change. Who want to evolve their way of thinking and working to see what’s coming, align their team around that foresight, and anticipate, rather than react. The full-day, hands-on workshop introduces new mindsets, habits and skills to create leaders who are adaptive and fit for the future.
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