New Normal Leader as a Team Experience

New Normal Leader was originally developed for a global leadership team of a Fortune 100 company. They recognized that what made them successful wouldn’t keep them successful, and they needed a deliberate, conscious upgrade in how they lead.

Since then, numerous teams — from groups of high-potentials to intact executive leadership teams — have experienced New Normal Leader Intensive.

Some teams have done it as a single, stand-alone day. Others have made it one day of a planned multi-day retreat. Some have done it onsite, others have come to us in Atlanta, and some have opted for destination locations.

We believe leadership is a team sport, and New Normal Leader is a great way to ensure a team of all-stars perform as an all-star team.

“A great way to unleash creativity and challenge us to think differently.”

Talk to us about your team, and we'll tailor New Normal Leader Intensive to your needs and preferences.

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“The collaboration was awesome and really helpful to feed positive work changes for the department and organization.”