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  1. About New Normal Leader Intensive
  2. Prework Required for the New Normal Leader Intensive
  3. Logistical Details
  4. Cost
  5. Other Training from Unboundary
What is New Normal Leader Intensive?

New Normal Leader Intensive is a full-day, hands-on learning session that gives leaders new skills, tools and habits to thrive during today's environment of accelerating change.

It's an orchestrated experience that includes segments where we share new thinking, facilitate larger group discussions and small group conversations, with team exercises that build new habits.

New Normal Leader Intensive began as a 6-session program we custom created for a client’s executive leadership team. We’ve since developed this one-day workshop that thousands of people have experienced, changing the way they see, act and lead their teams.

Is it for teams or individuals?

Right now, we've focusing on teams from organizations, and during COVID, all our sessions are virtual. Please email us at to learn more.


What size group?

We've worked with a group as small as 25 and as large as 125 for a single session. For global organizations, we've also done multiple sessions with groups of people in different locations to meet people where they are.

What is the profile of a typical attendee?

Our participants range from Managers to Executive VPs from all sizes of organizations. We've learned that your rank matters less than your attitude. Those who get the most out of these sessions are inquisitive and curious people, interested in new ideas and new ways of working. Change agents, intrapreneurs, and people who want to get ahead.

That said, we've learned that practically everyone becomes super engaged when you share new ideas and ask them to contribute their thinking and perspectives in small teams.

Tell me more about Unboundary.

Unboundary is a transformation design firm. Our purpose is to help leaders and their organizations thrive in a world of accelerating change. Founded in 1987, Unboundary was among the pioneering firms to use design as an approach for transforming some of the world’s best companies. Learn more at

What is the prework?

Upon registration, we’ll send each participant a link to Brain Food, an online publication we’ve curated specifically for this session. The articles are designed to open minds and expand perspective. We also ask that participants curate and bring with them three signals of change they see in the world today. More complete guidance on prework will be given once your team registers.

How long will the prework take?

The reading should take about 50 minutes and the curation assignment will take about an hour. We think people benefit more from the curation assignment if they approach it a little at a time, rather than trying to knock it all out at once. All told though, prework should take under two hours.

How important is the prework?  What if I don’t have time to do it?

The prework is an essential part of the experience. If someone doesn't have time to do it, they should hold off signing up for the class.

What if I have questions about the prework?

If you do, please contact us at or call us at 404-614-4296. We’ll be happy to help.

What are the start and stop times of the session?

A typical session starts with with breakfast at 7:45am, with session activities starting at 8:30am. The session will end at 5:00pm.

What do I do about meals?

We’ll provide breakfast from 7:45 to 8:30am, with the session starting at 8:30am. We’ll also provide lunch, as well as drinks and snacks available throughout the day. We won’t make you think on an empty stomach.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code. Please feel free to dress casually.

What should I bring?

Three most important things:

  • An open mind
  • A willingness to engage and contribute
  • Your work from the pre-work curation assignment

We'll provide everything else. Everyone has their own system of taking notes, so if you feel most comfortable with your pen, notebook, or tablet, please bring those. We'll have a workbook where you can follow along and jot notes, as well as an abundance of sticky notes and sharpies.

What will I take with me?

New ways of thinking and working, a connected network of other New Normal thinkers, a workbook that tracks with everything discussed in the session plus bonus content, a New Normal Toolkit, with tips and ideas for going forth in the world practicing what you learned, a surprise that others have been thrilled by, and some swag so well designed that people mention it in surveys as one of the highlights.

What is the cost?

For team sessions, cost depends on the number of people who attend and the location of the session. The cost is in line with a more typical training session, but with many more benefits — greater team collaboration, takeaways and lasting habits.

We're happy to talk to you more. Click to ask your questions.

Do you have a schedule of other New Normal Leader events?

Right now, our sessions are custom to groups. Right now, our sessions are custom created for groups. Please reach out if you’re interested in virtual sessions for your team or organization. Email us at to learn more.

Do you do other types of training?

Unboundary Learning Labs is a division of Unboundary dedicated to equipping individuals and teams, helping them become the deliberately effective leaders their organizations — and the world — need today.

Learning Labs take four forms:

Intensives  Focused, full-day sessions that give you or your team quick, but deep, immersion into the core aspects of transformational leadership.

Brain Spas  These are customized Unboundary-guided explorations that expand and deepen a leader's or team's perspective on a particular issue. The Future of Food is one example.

Bootcamps  Cadenced work sessions — often before or at the start of the work day — that help a team explore, prototype, test and adopt new ways of working.‍

Keynote Speeches  Introduction to the new habits of becoming adaptive and deliberately effective leaders. These can include self-assessment and habit-building exercises.

Could you do a custom training event for my organization?

Beyond New Normal Learning Intensive, we'd be happy to talk to you about a custom training event. We've created training programs for many of our clients including FedEx, Regions Bank, and Northwestern Mutual, ranging from half a day to multi-day and multi-session events.

Have any other questions?

Please email us at, call us at 404-614-4296, or fill out our contact form.

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